Competition Results

Kono NZ Mussel Opening Competition






Team Winners

  • 1st – Talley’s Motueka – Time: 6:13.06
  • 2nd – Kono NZ 2 – Time: 6:59.50

Individual Winners

  • 1st – Angela Fredericks Time: 2.:7.94
  • 2nd – Buck Fortes Time: 2;29.97

Guinness World Record attempt – Fastest 100 Mussel Opening

Angela Fredericks – Time: 1.56 minutes beating her previous year’s record breaker by 1 second

Sanford Mussel Munch





Fastest to eat 15 mussels and scull a beer

  • Karl Buchland


The Mussel Pot Mussel Hustle

19032016 News Photo- Ricky Wilson/Fairfax NZ. Aria Shallcrass competes in the Mussel Pot Mussel Hustle at the Havelock Mussel and Seafood Festival

12 and Under

The Smashers – Had a 10 second penalty added for not going to the end but still recorded the fastest time. Time: 47.23 seconds

Adults (Over 12)

French Pass Old Boys Time: 41.6 seconds

Stall Category




Best Community Stall – Havelock School






Best Seafood Stall – Kono NZ – Oysters






Best Commercial Stall – Top Tarts