Stall holder info

Stall holder Information

Food & Drink Stalls

To assist with the overall co-ordination of exhibitors and the festival programme, it is important
that you clearly state an accurate list of food/beverages/products which you will be selling. If for
any reason this changes before the Festival, please contact the stall organisers ASAP. Any stall
selling products on the day without the approval of the stall organisers, risk being closed down.
There are some Marlborough District Council (MDC) conditions that all stallholders must adhere
These are as follows:
• Sweetened beverages, we encourage and request all food and beverage stall holders to sell
sugar free drinks at the festival such as water, fruit drinks with no added sugar, unsweetened
milk and sugar free soft drinks.
• Trays or protections are to be laid down by food stalls to prevent grease, fat or harmful
materials damaging the grounds.
• All sites selling food &/or beverages must have a food stall licence from the council – this is
your responsibility. All licences need to be clearly displayed at your site.
• All food packaging or drink vessels must be disposable, not breakable items. No glass or hard
breakable plastic will be allowed on the domain area.

Forms for licences can be downloaded from the MDC website: or
phone 03 520 7400 for more information. Please allow plenty of time to submit your form.

These forms are to be submitted to the Marlborough District Council at the address on the form,
not to the festival Committee or Contractor.
Stalls will be inspected by MDC for compliance on the day of the Festival and those without the required permit on display or any stalls not complying with the conditions of their permit may be closed down.
All stallholders must only have inspected meat products for sale. Mussels or fish for sale must have
been procured through registered fish receivers or be supplied through the official festival supplier
(for community groups only – subject to availability).

All sites selling water must be packaged and sealed, due to new licencing.
NO tap water is to be supplied other than by the organisers.

Site Structure

Sites are 5m x 5m. Please ensure all of your equipment, including your vehicle (where relevant) is contained within this area.

This space is not negotiable and if you take up more space on the day we will need to ask you to move your goods and/or marquee.
All sites are bare and un-powered, unless otherwise booked on the stall holder application form.
Stall holders will need to provide protection from the elements, gas powered cooking equipment,
food storage and presentation areas.
It is recommended that on-site food preparation be kept to a minimum.

For additional equipment hire contact: Continental Tel 0800 4 266846, McKendrick Event Hire 021
504 074 or Blenheim Hirepool Tel 03 578 1111. These companies all have a wide range of
equipment for hire. 

Set up
The Festival site will be open for setting up on the Friday before the festival, between 3pm and 6pm (you will be required to leave the festival site by 6.30pm).

It will re-open from 7am on the day of the Festival.
Please take note of these times – there will be no access outside of these times.
Sites must be set up by 9.30am on the day of the Festival and ready for opening at 10.00am.
All vehicles not remaining within the boundaries of your 5m x 5m site must be removed from the
domain by 9.30am.
These vehicles will not be allowed back on site until after the finish of event (approx. 6.15pm).

Stallholder access to the site will be from the Peel Street (off Cook Street) entrance only.

Stallholders must wear their stallholder wristbands. Security will be checking these at the gate and
will remove and re-issue wristbands if they are not secured properly.
You will not be allowed entry without them. Stallholders must arrange their own parking outside the festival boundary.
Sites must remain set up until the finish of the entertainment at approx. 6.00pm. 

Alcohol Stalls
Only stalls designated by the organisers are permitted to sell alcohol.
All alcohol stalls must apply for their own special liquor license, which will be at your cost.
You must provide at least one person with a current bar managers license at all times, and must hold and display your Liquor License to trade at the event, for the specific date.

Alcohol sales must end at 5.30pm.

Alcohol stalls are responsible for checking ID for all customers under 25 and monitoring
intoxicated customers.
If any help is required during the day with difficult people, please contact onsite police or roving security.
Any fines incurred as a result of irresponsible management of Alcohol sales will be the responsibility of the stall holder.
There are alcohol check points in place operated by the police at departure points of the festival.
There is to be no bottle sales or sales of alcohol in glass containers.
Remember the festival is being held on a children’s playing field.
Any non-compliance of this rule risks your future involvement in the Festival.  

Health & Safety
All sites must have their own Health & Safety Polices that comply with Health & Safety legislation

and make themselves familiar with the HMSF Health and Safety Policies displayed on the website,

All sites operating gas or electrics must have a fire extinguisher on site, this is on the advice of
Marlborough Fire Safety, and to help protect you from not only your own potential fire, but that of
a neighbouring site. Please ensure all of your staff know where it is and how to use it. Small
extinguishers are available to hire through Fire Safety Systems Tel 0508 352 637. Please note food
stalls will be inspected for these. If you are operating by Gas, please have a bottle of soapy water
available to check for gas leaks, this is a requirement of the fire safety officer.
Stallholders may close their stalls earlier and carry equipment off site, but tents/marquees etc.
cannot be removed until the end of the festival.

Absolutely no cars are to be driven around the site between 9.30am & 6pm – this is in the interest of public safety. 

Stallholders are responsible for removing their own rubbish from their site throughout the day and during pack up. The Festival provides wheelie bins & skips for public use – please do not fill these up with stallholder rubbish!! It is your responsibility to take your rubbish away with you.

Please take pride in setting up your stall, as they will be judged early in the day. The winners are announced on the day and displayed on the Havelock Mussel Festival website.

Categories are:
• Best Commercial Stall Holder
• Best Community Stall Holder
• Best Seafood Creation
• Best Mussel Dish of the Festival 

If you require more wristbands than your allocation of three, please fill in the appropriate sectionon the Stall Application form. 

Please note you are entitled to a maximum of five additional wristbands at the reduced price of $20 per pass.
Security Staff have been instructed not to allow anyone without a stall holder or sponsor wristband onto the site before 10.00am so please consider this when planning the set-up of your stall. (Anyone helping you who has purchased a general admission ticket will not be allowed into the site before 10am). 

There is no “Festival” currency. PLEASE BRING PLENTY OF CHANGE FOR YOUR OWN STALL. You are responsible for your cash takings on the day. You cannot use the Mussel Festival bank at the end of the event to deposit your money or as facility for more change throughout the day.
We highly recommend that you include an Eftpos option on your stall and due to Covid-19, we would recommend even more highly that this is a contactless payment option.

Site Security

Security will be on site in the fenced off area overnight on Friday.

The main site will be ring fenced from Friday morning and access will only be available at the Peel
Street entrance.
Even though the area will be patrolled, it is recommended that where possible, stallholders remove
valuable items overnight.
Security is based on an all care, no responsibility basis.
The Mussel Festival is not responsible for the loss or damage to any of the stallholders’ products or

Power requirements

If you require power, there will be a charge of $30.00. This can be ordered on the application form

Additional information

A water tap is available on the seaward side of the domain. This is for everyone’s use, and

permanent hoses must not be connected to this water supply.
Any stall holder who is found to be responsible for damage to the festival site in any way that
requires maintenance e.g. burnt grass, water damage, etc. will be liable for costs and/or repair.
This will be dealt with by the Marlborough District Council and is not the responsibility of the
You are to leave your site in the condition in which you found it.